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    Unpredictable. Spontaneous. Professional. Straightforward. These are words that are often used to describe the performance and dealings with Blue Rock, a five-piece band that transcends many genres during a single performance. Simply put, one never knows what is going to come next. And, that is exactly what this band desires. Keeping an audience on their toes in anticipation of what song could possibly be produced all while enjoying the current tune that the band has placed their unique spin upon. From bluegrass and classic rock to blues, gospel, folk, rhythm and blues, and old-timey mountain music, it is all fair game. Blue Rock prides itself on breaking boundaries and not adhering to labels.


    Founded in 1987 by banjo-wizard Taylor Farley, Jr., Blue Rock was designed to showcase harder edged rock music on acoustic based instruments. As time progressed the lineup of the band changed to keep up with the ability to add more types of music. The sole acoustic instruments made way to acoustic electric, and then to a blend of acoustic and full-fledged electric. Despite the changes, the band always maintained a certain style. A certain distinct sound. A way to put a signature technique on any song that they came across.


    The band has stood the test of time. That is something not many bands can attest to. Blue Rock wears it as a badge of honor. Celebrating over three decades of performance, the group has traveled internationally and across the length and breadth of this nation. Along the way recording, performing, and collaborating with many top name entertainers such as The Charlie Daniels Band, Earl Scruggs, Willie Nelson, Leon Russell, Peter Rowan, Sam Bush, and Bela Fleck.


    Upon the untimely loss of the band’s creator, Blue Rock found themselves in a situation that most groups would have walked away from. Instead, the band made a solemn promise to keep going and to do so with the utmost professionalism. They have not broken that promise. With each show the band puts in maximum effort. From promotion, to the performance, to the gear they bring, everything is top notch. Blue Rock wants to make your event a success. Whether it be a concert hall, music festival, or a restaurant or tavern, they have the experience to know what that takes. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind, crowd pleasing, practiced band for your next event, Blue Rock should be your first choice.

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    "It was my pleasure to work with Blue Rock. I really enjoyed both working with them and listening to them. They are unique, entertaining, and damn fine bunch of fellas. If you get a chance to listen to them, go ahead, and treat yourself to Blue Rock.


    -Charlie Daniels

    Multiple Grammy Award winning,

    Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee,

    Grand Old Opry Member



    "I can normally judge how good a night has went by how full the beer bottle trash bin is. I can tell how much money came in without counting the drawer. The heavier the bin, the better. Tonight, I could barely lift the bin by myself. I almost had to ask for help, it was that heavy! You guys certainly brought a crowd that drank. It was a great night!"



    Plain Folk Cafe



    "Hey, you guys are really good! Everyone loved it! We are looking to book you back again next year!"



    Booked for Private Party



    (All audio was captured during live performance)


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